COBRA Administration

Staying up-to-date on the most recent changes in healthcare legislation and employment practices to keep your company compliant can be a daunting task for any HR professional.  However, Cobra Professionals Inc. (CPI) is here, as an extension of your HR department, to assist in ensuring you remain compliant with federal regulations under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).  COBRA requires that employers of 20 or more employees notify their newly enrolled employees of their rights under the Act, as well as offering continuation of coverage to employees and/or their dependents that experience a qualifying loss of coverage, all within designated time-frames.

Don’t spend your time tracking new and terminating employees and COBRA payments.  Let us handle it!  CPI can manage all required notifications to your employees, former employees, and/or their dependents, as well as answering any questions they may have.  We will receive and apply payments and process elections on your company’s behalf, so your HR department can focus on other company needs and goals.

CPI is a local company that prides itself on personal service.  Every call will be answered by a live customer-service representative.  In addition, we offer secure cloud-based technology designed to simplify and easily manage the complexities of COBRA administration.  This technology also provides 24-hour employer access to participant information, payment history, and reports, so this information is always available to you.

COBRA Administration Services:

  • Takeover – Once the employer and plans are setup, existing employee data will be imported and current COBRA participant activity. All active employees will be mailed a General Rights Notice and existing COBRA participants will be sent takeover notices.
  • New Hires – General Rights Notices will be mailed as new employees are reported.
  • Qualifying Events – Specific Rights Notices will be mailed as events are reported (e.g. termination, divorce, loss of dependent status)
  • COBRA Elections – Elections will be processed with appropriate carrier(s) and the participant will be sent an election confirmation letter and payment coupons.
  • Premium Collection – Electing participants are provided with payment coupons and are sent communications regarding status of payments and coverage (e.g. partial payments, rate change notifications, NSF checks, etc.) Clients are reimbursed as payments are received and processed.
  • COBRA Terminations - The client and/or insurance agent will be notified when coverage should be canceled due to non-payment of premium or exhaustion of term. All required communications will be sent to the terminating participant.
  • Open Enrollment – All COBRA beneficiaries must be allowed the same open enrollment choices as similarly-situated active participants. Upon request, open enrollment notification/materials will be mailed to active COBRA participants. Additional fees may apply.
  • 24-hour Online Portal – Employers can view real-time participant data, including status, sent communications, and payment history, as well as to run a variety of reports.